The Impact of of the Cold Thermal Environment on Teaching and the Student's Learning

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This reflective account will examine the impact of the cold thermal environment on teaching and also, justify my choice. Furthermore, I will explore the importance of the key issue and why poor preparation was a contributing factor. To conclude, the reflection will consider health and safety and how it could influence future teaching practice by developing action learning needs
During my community placement with the children's nursing team, I delivered a teaching session which taught a second year nursing student aseptic non-touch technique. The treatment room used for children attending clinic appointments was the only room available therefore, teaching was undertaken here. Upon entering the room, we realised that the thermal environment was really cold. McGraw-Hill (2002) defines the thermal environment as aspects which influence the condition of the workplace, such as; humidity, air velocity and the local temperature. Unfortunately, the session could not be rescheduled because the student was finishing her placement. Although the student agreed to continue, she complained about being cold and looked uncomfortable. I also noticed her folding her arms and reducing eye contact, which depict a closed body language. According to Goman (2011), these signs indicate withdrawal and disengagement. I tried to locate a…
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