The Impact of the Arts on Society

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Art has been long seen as a prevailing influence on society and is increasingly developing every day. There have been many efforts taken to amplify systematic methods for assessing these influences. Many cities either highlight the arts or reduce these social inclusions. Some places go on to have academic achievements and economic development just to portray the existing arts in their cities. With all that being done, there is definitely an impact on social and community life whether that is a positive or a negative outcome for the city. New York City is one of the many places in America that you are able to find all different types of art. Street art, also known as graffiti is very popular throughout New York. It first started off in the 1970s as a subculture on the streets of New York. It rapidly became popular in the times since. But it is definitely not the only amazingly displayed artwork that is available throughout the city. This amazing city as tons of resources for artists; displays in museums and parks to having artwork shown on bridges and even walls. Street art or graffiti is a culture in Brooklyn. There is a sense of expression that artists in the general area have given the streets that has transformed the city itself. One of the most popular sites in The Bronx is a wall at Rogers Place and 163rd Street in the Longwood section. This gallery has forever rotating pieces on the walls of Gagosian, Marlborough or Pace. The subject of the artwork is always the
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