The Impact of the Cold War on Developing Nations Essay

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Third world countries became the perfect battleground for cold war proxy battles during the early 1940’s to late 1990’s. United States wanted to flex its political muscle and try to curtail the spread of Soviet Communism in the developing nations. Most of the nations in developed world had already made their political and socio-economic stand regarding the form of governance and leadership pursued. Underdeveloped nations in Asia, Latin America and Africa were still vulnerable and easily influenced in terms of ideologies and political direction. Most nations in Latin America like Chile were recovering from colonialism and thus logistic, economic and political aid from powerful nations to propel their economies which made it
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Although hypocritical in terms of ideologies it was sensible in securing its interests. This notion of foreign policy towards cold war led to CIA participating in covert operations aiding the military coup against a popular democratically elected President Salvador Allende of Chile. It was intended to sabotage and counter Allende’s Marxist ideologies that were contrary to the capitalist interests of the Americans in Chile as well as her democratic governance. In this retrospect any regime which opposed Americans capitalistic liturgies was perceived to retrogressive, tyranny and oppressing its masses using evil communist ideologies. America’s support of the coup under the orders of President Nixon was a move aimed at suppressing the Marxist economic policies of Salvador that dominated his ascension to power in 1970 and his reign for three years and . For United States Capitalism and democracy was applied in double standard and it only depended if the regime was subscribing to its capitalist socio-political ideas. The concept of democracy was about interests rather than actual ideology as witnessed in Chile scenario. American backing of for rightist regime like Pinochet in Chile and elsewhere in Africa Asia and Latin was designed to fit its imperialistic pattern and agenda. (Larres, 2001, p.227) Countering Soviet Influence
In an example of Chile, Americans tried to counter the influence of USSR

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