The Impact of the Documents of the Protestant Reformation

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The Impact of the Documents of the Protestant Reformation The documents of the Protestant Reformation offer a tremendous amount of significance for World History as they were symbols of tremendously revolutionary events. Their impact was widespread and across continents for many years, resulting in a reevaluation of monarchies, spirituality and one's relationship with the divine. Context The documents of the Reformation pushed people into a situation where they had to make a definitive decision regarding their personal religion, whether they were going to be Catholic or Protestant. While today such a decision might seem purely personal and private, such a decision in the 1500s in many ways could be a matter of life and death, given the intense religious wars in that time period (Kreis, 2009). The reformation took place during the 16th century as a manifestation of widespread dissatisfaction with the Church which occurred at all levels of European society (Kreis, 2009). Many Christians were on a journey seeking personal salvation and generally didn't find the Church's focus on rituals terribly conducive to such a goal; this time marked a decided shift from the salvation of entire groups of people to something more intimate and individual (Kreis, 2009). "The sacraments had become forms of ritualized behavior that no longer "spoke" to the people of Europe. They had become devoid of meaning. And since more people were congregating in towns and cities, they could observe
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