The Impact of the Flinestones and the Simpsons

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The Flintstones was a popular show in the sixties and The Simpson was popular in the nineties. Despite many similarities between The Simpson and The Flintstones, the differences are not as obvious. In both shows, the main characters always end up in trouble. Also they both have family situations to deal with. There is a major difference between the two shows that makes them different from one another. The main characters are completely different. The Flintstones were the greatest TV cartoon of all time until The Simpsons came and took the title. The Simpsons and The Flintstones both are comedies that catch viewers’ attention. These two shows have been making Americans laugh every night for 30 minutes for many years. The Flintstones was a show in the sixties that many families followed. They were a typical nuclear family which meant two parents and their kids. They were popular because it was making problems that were happening in the world then, and changing it to the same problem but in the Stone Age. The Flintstones family was made up with Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Dino, and Baby Puss. Fred was a loving husband and dad that worked at a rock and gravel company for his boss Mr. Slate. He was easy to get angry. He would spend his time bowling with his neighbor friend Barney. Wilma is his wife that loves to spend money. Their daughters name is Pebbles and she has two pets, a dinosaur and…

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