The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Europe Essay examples

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The Industrial Revolution hit Europe and along with it came a great deal of change. Not only did this industrial revolution affect standards of living in cities, it also affected greatly the nature and quality of labor. The Industrial Revolution had an impact of the greatest magnitude on Europe and has shaped the work style and nature of labor that Europeans know today. Although it may seem like a revolution of this sort would have great benefits for those who lived through it, evidence seems to show otherwise. For many it was difficult to adapt to this new world of industrial labor and for others it was a bit easier to adjust. Preindustrial labor, or “old” labor, was not easy. Days were long and pay was never sufficient enough for…show more content…
Preindustrial labor often gave a strong sense of individualism, independence, and satisfaction. To many the old system of labor seemed luxurious compared to the new type of work the Industrial Revolution brought. One would think industrialization would bring better paying jobs and more employment opportunities, but the stories of the people who lived through the Industrial Revolution say otherwise. Workers faced long days, if not even longer days than those who worked in preindustrial times. Even though work hours were somewhat the same as preindustrial labor, the way those hours were carried out differed greatly. Laborers no longer had the comfort of working alongside and socializing with their families nor the power to control their pace of work. Workers would now be punished and penalized for doing such things. Companies would enforce punctuality and pace usually by correlating it with a worker’s pay. The less punctual and lazier you were, the more fines and the more pay decreases you would suffer. The nature of this new labor emphasized more on the importance of the company rather than the individual. Companies often had little concern when their workers suffered. If someone was incapable of performing their duties, there was always somebody else to take their place. It was unfortunate because many of these workers who were unable to perform well at their job often suffered from
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