Essay about The Impact of the Internet in America

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The Impact of the Internet in America The prevalence of the internet has had a tremendous impact on American society in terms of physical health and emotional well-being. In the following pages, I will attempt to briefly highlight some of the positive and negative impacts I feel today’s internet technology has had on people living in The United States of America. Public internet access can be found in most libraries or internet cafes. Internet Service Providers offer access to individuals in their homes as well as schools and businesses. To begin with, I utilized a popular website, Ask Jeeves, to help locate a definition of what exactly is the internet. “The Internet, sometimes called simply ‘The Net,’ is a…show more content…
This type of information may be found on websites such as Web MD, Medline, or Health Finder An individual can utilize the information found on the previous pages to help determine if they should seek further care from their physician. It is important to note that health information found on these pages is no substitute for a thorough visit and diagnosis from a licensed physician, as stated in a typical medical information page disclaimer: “Do not rely upon any of the information provided on this site for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your primary health care provider about any personal health concerns.[4] People can also find information on personal fitness (diet and exercise programs), and mental health activities. In another example of the positive impact of the internet is how health information access can affect family life. For example, a parent of a child diagnosed with a learning disability can obtain special education information from the internet. This type of information can be a valuable tool for parents, other family members, and educators to help a child with a learning
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