The Impact of the Internet on the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Popular Music

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The creation of the web was not only a revolutionary movement but also acted as a door for endless opportunities in the music industry. Its ability alone to provide the general public with continuous information is astounding, but it also acts a platform for users to access, distribute and produce music. According to Andrew P.S (2006, 1), the internet was not created with a business mentality but as the years went by it began and continues to be moulded into a continuous path where consumers grasp the aptitude to which they could discover incessant possibilities online such as the access to music. Evidently, the internet solely acts as a huge factor in the shaping of the music industry today, more positively than negatively. Below, we …show more content…
O.C Ferrell and Michael D.H (2007: 373) argues that the introduction of a peer to peer website known as Napster allowed online users to share their high quality MP3 digital copies of music recordings through its MusicShare software. With the materialization of such a progressive online distributing site, internet users were rapidly drawn to its straightforward methods of downloading music. ‘’ Indeed, so many college students were downloading songs from Napster that many universities were forced to block the site from their system in order to regain bandwidth.’’ O.C. Ferrell and Michael D.H. (2007, 373). Granting Napster took on the role of providing the society with immense music downloads, it also caused a lot of dispute involving the RIAA which sued the site for violating copyright laws.
With such a revolutionary platform such as the internet, users all over the globe are rapidly getting access to it. According to the IDC and the Internet World Statistics, during December 1995 there was a mere 16 million internet users. As the statistics were taken on March 2012, there was a staggering 2,280 million internet users. This information suggests that almost two quarters of the world’s population have access to the internet; in addition, these users have access to purchase music online.
Although the internet provides an endless platform for users to
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