The Impact of the Iom Report on the Future of Nursing

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The impact of the IOM report on the future of nursing
The passing of the Affordable Care Act by congress in 2010 will require the health care system to transform the future of nursing in order to keep up with the changes in health care in the United States. This paper will discuss the 2010 Institute of Medicine’s report on the impact of nursing education, nursing practice with a focus on primary care, how it will change current nursing practice and the nurse’s role as a leader.
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report was written to explore how the nursing profession should change to build a stronger health care system. A vision was developed to make quality care accessible to the diverse population of the United States, promote wellness
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Ways in which nurses can assume leadership roles are by attending leadership programs such as The Integrated Nurse Leadership Program (INLP); mentorship and through political engagement (IOM). Nurses are acting as leaders every day in the community. Bedside nurses use their everyday experiences to help improve quality and safe patient outcomes. Nurse mentors offer their expertise to new nurses with their outstanding skills and knowledge base. Community health and public health nurses must coordinate with other agencies during times of disaster and emergencies. Nurses with several years of experience offer insight through witnessing good and bad patient outcomes. This can be the biggest asset in policy making.
The IOM report provided vital information regarding the evolving health care system in the United States. Nurses must achieve higher levels of education and practice to their fullest extent. Primary care will be sought by a broader and larger population which will require APRN’s to take on more responsibility. Nurses must take on a new leadership style to
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