The Impact of the New England Puritans and the Chesapeake Catholics on the Development of Colonial Society

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Many times throughout history, a specific individual or a group comes along and shapes a society. Religious groups often arrive and settle on a new piece of land, and happen to shape that society, around their beliefs and religion. The New England Puritans and the Chesapeake Catholics are prime examples to show how religion shaped the development of a colonial society. In 1624, the early 17th century, the religious group called the Puritans, settled for the first time in the New England territory. Once there, they chose to inhabit the Massachusetts area. The Puritans were a varied group of religious reformers who emerged within the Church of England during the middle of the sixteenth century, but didn’t come to the United States…show more content…
The Puritans believed that America was the promise land given to them by God and no one could take it away. They also believed that every person is born sinful, concept of predestination, Jesus died for the chosen only, God's grace is freely given, and perseverance of the saints. The Puritans’ main reason for starting a society was for religious freedom. There religious love shaped the society in more than on way. They used a lot of money that had to make churches, and church-related programs, the surrounding communities would sometimes practice the Puritan religion, and the church and the state were originally inseparable. There whole entire civilization was church centered. Their religion was also family based and they showed extreme piety. Religion was the core thing that shaped societies everywhere especially in the United States, because people were generally traveling there for free land and religious freedom. The people who settled in the Chesapeake region were typically Catholic. For the most part they settled in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and New Jersey, on the Eastern edge of each colony. They didn’t believe in a church centered government. Catholics believe in the Ten Commandments, one God, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Prophets, honoring the Sabbath, and the Holy Scriptures. The church that was already in England
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