Essay on The Impact of the Oil and Gas Industry on the World

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The production of oil is a multi-billion dollar industry that affects the world on many different levels including environmental and economic, and these affects could be considered either positive or negative. Although there are many products of oil that people rely on every day, oil drilling has long been a controversial topic. Oil spills that endanger wild life and create pollution, and wars fought over lands that contain oil have been just a few of the damaging concerns that become heavily debated when the subject of oil is tackled. The upsides to these debates are the money it generates, the employment opportunities, and the products created using oil such as, gasoline, concrete, plastic, and even some clothes we wear. While oil may …show more content…
Fish, sea otters, seals, whales, clams and birds were all affected by this tragedy. Fishing was a major part of this community, so in turn the people were affected also. This has been the largest oil spill to date, killing more animals than any other oil spill in the world. “Only 2 of the 26 species studied by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council have recovered (bald eagle and river otter). The Exxon Valdez spill killed nearly ten times as many birds as any other U.S. or European oil spill. As many as half a million birds died. Over 30,000 carcasses of 90 species of birds were plucked from the beaches, but this is only a fraction of the actual mortality. Harms to the birds from chronic effects and decreased reproduction continue to the present.” (Miller, 1999)
The oil spill of Valdez is as much a problem now as it was 20 years ago. Even after two decades, people and animals are still suffering from the effects of an oil tanker spilling its cargo into the waters surrounding Alaska. “Much of the oil has been cleaned up or has biodegraded, but some of it still lingers. An estimated 21,000 gallons out of the 11 million that spilled (still remains) and the biodegradation process has actually slowed.” (Fowler, 2010) Because of the loss of fish life, fishermen of the community took loans in order to make it though their daily lives. They in turn sued Exxon for the negligence that landed them in this situation. Due to the lengthy court and

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