The Impact of the Vietnam War on Veterans Essay

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How did a Vietnam soldier's life change during and after the war. Society had a lot of different views regarding the soldiers and the war. When coming home veterans faced many distinct challenges. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial helped to heal the nation. The Vietnam War had a major impact on the United States and the soldiers who fought in it.
The Vietnam War was a violent and costly war that needed many men to fight for its cause. These men are now known as the Vietnam veterans. Numerous veterans who fought in the war were injured or lost a comrade during battle. These soldiers fought to protect the United States and its people while risking their own lives. A lot of these brave men were either killed or injured and did not gain the
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Diseases, drugs, alcohol, and the harsh living conditions often left soldiers longing for home.
Veterans coming home had to face many different situations. Most veterans who came home did not receive the welcome they had deserved. Some veterans were homeless and unemployed after coming home. An organization called the Vietnam Veterans against the War or the VVAW tried to help the soldiers coming home. The organization allowed veterans to talk about their experiences to them and also tried to get the veterans to talk to the public (Rivers 646-648). The VVAW helped the veterans throughout the war. Many veterans who came home had emotional trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The United States citizens did not want to remember the war or the brave men who fought in it (Rivers 646-647). Very few people cared about Vietnam or the soldiers during the war because of the negative views toward the soldiers and the war.
There were two main views toward the soldiers in Vietnam; a negative view and a positive view. The negative view seemed to be the most popular attitude towards them. The negative outlook portrayed the soldiers as the reason for the United States involvement in the war and the reason to why the U.S. was losing. Many soldiers came back to the U.S. and felt like a criminal (Rivers 647). The positive view saw the soldiers as heroes. This perspective depicts the soldiers as heroic and fighting for the United States.
Post traumatic stress
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