The Impact of the Washing Machine on Society

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This essay will explore the impact of the washing machine on society, and how the technology changed the lives of Women. By focussing on how society functioned prior to and after the mainstream introduction of the washing machine, it is possible to draw some conclusions on the effect of the technology. Societal change is complex and there are other, less visible, effects of the technology which are important to explore. As the impact of the technology was most prominent in first world, western cultures the essay will focus on the impact on those societies.

In 2010 the Irish Times asked a feminism round table which invention changed their lives the most (Fintan, 2012). Mamo Mcdonald, born in 1929, replied “The washing machine”. Prior to the introduction of the washing machine, washing was a laborious chore which took significant time to setup and complete (Greenwood, Seshadri, & Yorukoglu, 2005). It was normal for all the weeks washing to be saved for one day, usually Monday, as a result of the time needed, impacting other chores. Rasmussen (1994, p. 8) quotes Rhoda Bickers recollection of her childhood in Taihape “I hated Mondays! That was washing day. After school, I had to come home and do the dishes because Mum had been washing clothes all day long.” Rhoda also recalls (Rasmussen, 1994, p. 1) “If one of my brothers wanted a shirt…
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