The Impact of to Analyse Disney Movie and Understanding the Dominant Position in Children

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Table of content 1.0 Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 1.1 Problem statement----------------------------------------------------- 1 1.2 Purpose statement------------------------------------------------------ 1 2.0 Literature review---------------------------------------------------------------- 2 3.0 What is socialization------------------------------------------------------------ 3 3.1 Mass media-------------------------------------------------------------- 3 3.2 Childhoods-------------------------------------------------------------- 3 4.0 Disney----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 5.0 How did Disney socialize childhood…show more content…
Nowadays children watch television more and less reading books, they will be happy to watch the television, especially cartoon movies. 5.0 How did Disney socialize childhood life? In Disney channel there’re many cartoon movie and I think most of all people’s childhood must have some memories about Disney movie. Let’s rewind back your childhood memory: * How many Disney movies did you watch as a child? * How many times did your watch your favourite one? * How many songs can you still sing the lyrics to? In the end of the story, most Disney movies usually come with a lesson by the main protagonist. For the remainder, in this assignment will be more concern on my favourite and popular Disney movie which is Aladdin, Pinocchio, Mulan and Snow White & Seven Dwarfs. I'm sure most of us, no matter from different age, gender or races and they had watch these cartoons before and also quite familiar with the story line. Disney movie is act as socializing machine, children gather information through what they see, feel and experience. A cartoon is a good method for children to improve their language and increase their listening ability because Disney movies are in English. Children will concentrate listening and attempt to learn so that they can understand the conversation and the story line in the movie. Indirectly they will improve their speaking and listening skills. Children will greatly improve their English language and their

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