The Impact on Culture of Islam and Christianity Essay

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The definition of religion has two parts in the Webster’s dictionary, the first being a simple belief or reverence in a supernatural being, the second being a personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief. The common man often sees the large religions in the simplest forms, creating obvious differences between the basic beliefs of major religions. These differences, seen in the comparison of Judeo-Christian and Islam worldviews, have had an immense impact upon each separate culture and interpretation of religion within each culture.

In the current political battles across the world, government regulation determines how large the role that a given religion plays within the societal structure.
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They will choose the religion that reflects their culture, agrees with their personal beliefs, explains their world to them, and provides rationalizations for their actions. The Arab embrace of Islam could be argued from two sides; first the culture is a result of a strong acceptance of Islam as a strong binding blanket that covers a variety of groups. On the other hand, the religion could be seen as a result of a variety of cultures which needs a strong binding blanket to envelop it all. The argument boils down to whether religion, specifically Islam, was created first and happened to unite cultures or rather, was created out of the need to bond numerous cultures. Either way, the fact that Muhammad became a prominent spiritual and political leader is undisputed. He remains one of the few people throughout history who has flourished on both the religious and secular sides, creating a religion almost solely on his own and rising to political power as well ( The western hemisphere no longer has the enveloping blanket of a single religion, but a large majority of the population still identifies with grander idea of Christianity, despite the variety. Christianity has evolved into a wide collection of beliefs which many people can appeal to, which is part of the reason why Christianity has
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