The Impacts Of Ancient Greece's Contribution To Society

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More than two thousand years ago the inhabitants of ancient Greece created a civilization like no other. New advancements such as democracy, medicine, literature and architecture helped Greeks to form a civilization that generations would try to replicate. The contributions of the ancient Greeks shaped western civilization in a positive way. In the areas of government, medical ethics, and the arts, the ancient Greeks gave us tools that have stood the test of time and contributed to successes we have today. Democracy, the backbone of American government, was initially created by the ancient Greeks. Their willingness to make wise decisions based upon the opinions of the majority was something Americans admired and later on attempted to copy.…show more content…
Writers, sculptors and builders all worked to create new concepts. In the areas of literature for example, the playwright Sophocles in his work, Antigone, had characters discuss values that the ancient Greeks held to be important. In regards to ancient Greek gods, Sophocles wrote, “ Nor do I think your orders were so strong that you, a mortal man, could overrun the gods”. (Document Six) The use of literature to share things that are significant to culture is a method that is still common today. Similarly sculptors can also use their talents to present ideas they find meaningful. In Myron’s famous sculpture, the Discus Thrower, we learn that athletic competition, such as the Olympics, was an important part of Greek life. In modern culture we also use sculptures that represent the events and people we find to be significant to our society, such as historical figures like presidents. Literature and sculptures were not the only way ancient Greeks used the arts to express their values. Architecture was also a critical way of conveying a place’s importance. Using specific features such as columns and marble in buildings like the Parthenon, one can immediately establish that this structure was essential. (Document Seven) In modern times places like Washington D.C followed many of the architectural styles used by the Greeks when they made important governmental buildings. The U.S Capitol, the Supreme Court
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