The Impacts Of Climate Change

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The impacts of climate change In the twenty-first century, climate change has proved to be a major disaster affecting every country across the world. The adverse effects of the climatic change will continue to influence the next generation if adequate measures are not implemented (George 86). Climate change is a controversial topic. Scientific evidence shows clearly that future generation is at risk though the government and the public responses to this threat are moderately weak. Several corporations admit that climate change is happening yet are waiting for indications from governments to strategies long-term investments procedures to address the risk (Fung, Ana and Mark 43). In the meantime influential forces, mainly the polluting factories as well as fossil energy sector, have bestowed benefits in sustaining their businesses without caring if they are polluting the environment or not. In the developed nations the rate of environmental pollution is very high due to a high number of industries that emits harmful substances in the environment. Several people in industrialized countries wish that climatic change was not real for them not to incur extra cost to mitigate its effects (Ruth, Matthias and María 26). In less developed nations most individuals think that no one can alter the climate because it is under control by divine power. Increasing human activities in areas like transport, industry, energy explorations as well as deforestation all have caused the greenhouse
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