The Impacts Of Cultural Tourism In Cuba, Cuban, Cuba

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Mindless, repetitive locals performing once sacred and revered ceremonies now on a daily basis is nothing tourists think about when they vacation to culturally “preserved” areas, yet this unintended cultural destruction is unfortunately the blatant truth. Due to recent travel restrictions lifted by President Barack Obama, Cuba is now open to American citizens to vacation. Whether for the better or worse, new tourism within a previously undisturbed area such as Havana, Cuba, is liable to have significant effects on the social, economical, and environmental aspects of their culture.
Past relations between the United States and Cuban government have been less than favorable. After the Cuban revolution, the island established a communist government, therefore angering the United States as they were fighting foreign wars in an attempt to end communism. In 1961, the United States severed relations with the island, and since then have restricted travel to and from Cuba. Recently, in 2015, President Barack Obama repealed the travel ban with Cuba, loosening up trade and tourism between the two countries, but not ending their communist ways. This newly accessible country now acts as a beacon to world travelers wanting to learn the ways of Cuban lifestyle. Cuban culture revolves around everything from the people’s lifestyle, to the economy, to the natural ecosystem enveloping the island. This is called cultural tourism. This being said, this poses a number of new issues for
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