The Impacts Of Population Growth

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Jingjing Zhang
Instructor Shay Tschirhart
ENGL 1311L
13 November 2015
The Impacts of Population Growth
Throughout human history, population growth is one of the most important topics brought into discussion. Globally, there are about 7.2 billion people in the world, and it will rise up to 11 billion or more by the 21st century (Brown). When we look back in the history, population growth has been so slow as to be imperceptible within a single generation, “Reaching a globally population of 1 billion in 1804 required the entire time since the humans appeared on the scene. To add the second billion, it took until 1927, just over 100 years. Thirty- three years later, in 1960, world population reached 3 billion” (Brown 15). Then the pace sped
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However, I would more rather believe that our ecological systems will self-fix the population problems as the natural resource pressure and social pressure increase.
The capacity of natural resources is one of the most essential information to indicate how many people would fit in this planet. Aquifers and river basins are two of the natural water resources that to supply drinking water, industry and agricultural irrigation. In the analysis report of the water supply and demand in the Colorado River Basin, water use from the Colorado River Basin has tripled since 1923, and started passing beyond the amount of water supply in 2000 (Katel). Since then, the reserved river resources became imbalanced and started decreasing every year. The rapidly growth of population and impropriated human activities are two of the main reasons that destroy the pervious balancing ecosystem. With the population growth increasing, the world will consume more water, grain, and food, and creating more wastes than before. In fact, there are around 70% of accessible fresh water to use globally in agricultural businesses and to produce grain to feed people and livestock, but 60% of this is wasted due to the leaky irrigation system and inefficient application of methods as
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