The Impacts of Growing Smartphone Use

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This year today, the possession of a phone or computer seems something trivial and banal. Especially in the past five years where many advancements have been made in alternative energy sources, transportation, and electronic devices. The use of smartphones has increased dramatically in this period of time. Currently, one in every five people owns a smartphone. With these numbers, it’s not surprising to see that these very devices are leading to the disruption of a salutary lifestyle for people of all ages. The health risk of smartphones is real. The wide range of health issues the smartphone is responsible for, is incredible. How can such a small device cause physical symptoms? Many physical risks tied to smartphone use involve hearing loss, radiation, poor sleep quality, bacterial sickness, and general muscle pain. (Jan Diehm, Huffington post) Listening to music, and talking on the phone aren't things that pose high risks if done correctly. Unfortunately, people today are not aware of the risks their surrounding objects can do. Listening to music at a very high volume can cause inner ear damage and hearing loss over a long period of time. The volume of an MP3 at half volume is approximately 94dB. This is equivalent to the sound of a jackhammer. The Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss is 90dB-95dB. The higher percentages of people who listen to high volume music are teenagers of 14-18 years of age. The amount of damage that teenagers receive to
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