The Impacts of HIV and AIDS

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HIV/AIDS and its Impacts
HIV/AIDS is an illness that has been known across the globe for more than two decades because of its effects on people, families, and relationships. This disease has contributed to the deaths of millions of people throughout the world while there are other millions of people living with the illness. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS is also evident in the fact that it continues to affect people, families, and communities every day. The impact of this disease on families and communities is attributed to the fact that it's not only transmitted from one individual to another but for every infected individual, there is a family or community affected. Generally, the disease can be transmitted through unprotected sex, during birth, and when sharing drug-injecting equipments because it's a blood-borne virus. HIV/AIDS is a global challenge for the health sectors because it cannot be cured but only managed through a combination of medications or medical procedures.
Impact of HIV/AIDS on Families and Relationships:
As previously mentioned, for every individual infected with HIV, there is a family and community that are also affected. Since this disease is incurable and can be regarded as a chronic illness, families and partners are usually mandated with the task of providing physical and emotional care to the infected persons. The need to provide such care places considerable strain on the families and partners. As a result, families and partners are likely to
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