The Impacts of Homeschooling on Interpersonal Skills among University Students

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2.5 Impacts of Homeschooling on Interpersonal Skills There are quite numbers of studies related to interpersonal skills and socialization of homeschooling children including the positive impacts and also the negative impacts. According to Hatter (n.d.), homeschooling children are often expose to a various situations and people throughout educational activities by their parents. Thus, homeschoolers actually gain very essential experiences by interacting with adults and children from different ages that can prepare the homeschoolers for the reality world (Hatter, n.d.). Homeschoolers also involve in many activities outside their home as many as 5.2 each week such as field trips, scouting, political drives, community volunteer work and many more (Ray, Research Facts on Homeschooling, 2014). According to Michelle Barone (2008), a licensed marriage and family therapist stated that homeschooling children will not easily be influence by peers and can make choices that goes against the group. According to a research by Kathi Moreau (2012), she concluded found out that socialization is not a problem of homeschooling and homeschoolers are actually more mature than non-homeschoolers (Moreau, 2012). Furthermore, Dr. Raymond Moore, author of over 60 books and article on human development said that “the idea that children need to be around many other youngers in order to be socialized is perhaps the most dangerous and extravagant myth in education and child rearing today” (Shaw,
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