The Impacts of Ibn Battuta's Innovations Essay

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In this essay I will be discussing the life and innovations of Ibn Battuta and how he influenced the Islamic empire which impacted the world at the time and later civilizations to this day. I will first introduce the innovator then talk about his innovations and how his innovations have short term impacts and long term impacts to this world.

Ibn Battuta is a famous Muslim traveller who was born in 1304 in Tangier. His family were fairly rich at the time. His parents were Muslim scholars who studied the religious law. Ibn Battuta was very famous for travelling around the world for 29 years. He journeyed through much of Dar Al-Islam, also known as the World Of Islam. It was believed that Ibn Battuta had travelled more than 75,000
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Ibn Battuta established the science which would eventually become the art of travel writing. Along his journey, he wrote and recorded his adventurous, observations, theories, notes, insights and mostly his lessons. This Magnum Opus was preserved by a young scribe who, at the request of Morroco’s sultan. He spent months and months transcribing Ibn Battutas Story, compiling al Rihla or “the Travels”

Ibn Battuta short term impacts in the world that time was, the hype about how he travelled for 29 years and learnt so many new things that helped the world that time. His knowledge expanded each and every day with how much he learnt from all the countries he has visited and all the new cultures he has lived with. People were amazed at how much knowledge he had, and how he travelled for so long. Each country he has travelled to, when he talks to people it teaches them so many things about the world that people didn’t know back then. Education was costly, but he gave it for free. His experiences taught and amazed people that he met, and that is how the world was impacted by Ibn Battuta at that time.

Ibn Battuta’s long term impacts today, is the extravagant travels to so many different coutries using only one type of transportation, which was his boat, is something that amazes people. Nowadays with airplanes, cars, metros etc. people realize how hard it would be to travel the world in only a little boat, is fascinating.
He impacted the
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