The Impacts of Slavery on African Americans

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Most African American thinks slavery is still causing a big issue on their society, Such as their music, their art and their own identity. Most African American still feels like they are being lied to about their past ancestor and culture, which make them feels very confused about the question of their real heritage. One of the impact the slavery had on the African American was that it brought a lot of sadness to the individual and sometimes that person ends up hating his or her self, not because of their skin color but because they feels like they are the only race who cannot find their true DNA. This destruction of slavery started from previous culture and it continued through generation, their inability to communicate as slaves, and the impact of slavery after emancipation all negatively affected African-American Culture. Kennedy, David (2002) explain, through slavery, Africans completely lost their heritage and previous culture. They were separated from their families, and cultural items such as their music which use to give them strength when their needed it. They also used their music to stay bonded each other; which were also taken away from them during slavery. Another issue the slavery left on the African American society is the lost their own sense of identity. Their true identify were totally ignored, and their new master or the person who raised them, their usually try to make them become a new human being without any consideration who they use to be…

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