The Impacts of the Scottish Parliament and Visit Scotland on the Image of Scotland

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Both the Scottish Parliament and Visit Scotland show two different images of modern Scotland. The parliament appeals to the Scottish people and try to improve the Scottish economy. Visit Scotland directed at tourists and is rather stereotypical. They do not convey a true image of modern Scotland. They are trying to appeal to two different audiences but they are making mistakes and this is causing Scotland to suffer. Throughout this essay is going to contemplate and examine how both the Scottish Parliament and Visit Scotland have a direct and significant impact on how the image of modern day Scotland is portrayed.
Visit Scotland and the tourist industry convey images of Scotland which show that people are always happy. These images are aimed at tourists in order to bring people to Scotland. There is a sense of community and belonging however are they only showing rural Scotland. The images of modern Scotland are not shown. This means that their images only show the countryside. They do not show the night life of Scotland and also what the cities are like. This may lead many people into believing that everyone in Scotland own sheep and live in cottages and that they are miles away from shops. This is very stereotypical. Visit Scotland is not the only industry that does this, the film industry does this too. For example; “Made of Honor” is very modern film released in 2008. However, when the film moves to Scotland it shows the family living in a castle in the middle of
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