The Impacts of the Taxi Drivers Story in Sherman Alexie’s Flight Patterns

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“William wanted to hear more of this man’s stories…whether they were true or not. Perhaps it didn’t matter if any one man’s stories were true. If Fekadu wasn’t describing his own pain and loneliness, then he might have been accidentally describing the pain of a real and lonely man”(65). This excerpt was pulled from Sherman Alexie’s “Flight Patterns”. Alexie, a Native American, is best known for his novels and short stories. “Flight Patterns” is one of Alexie’s more popular pieces. William, the main character, leads the restless life of an assiduous business man. Although he loves his family dearly, he is unable to spend sufficient quality time with them. On his way to the airport, he engages in a conversation with the taxi driver, Fekadu, whom divulges events from his previous years. In sharing his life story, Fekadu greatly influences William to change his way of living. Although William has trouble believing some aspects of the story, he knows that somewhere, someone was suffering the events described by the taxi driver. Although Fekadu’s story may not have been true, it caused William reassess his priorities.
The legitimacy of Fekadu’s story was not important compared to the lesson William could learn from it. Fekadu suffered many hardships throughout his previous years. He explains to William how he dearly wishes to see his family again but because of the dangers in his country, he is forced to stay in America and work as a taxi driver. Near the end of the taxi ride,

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