The Impcats of Mobile Phones on Young Generations

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INTRODUCTION This report set out to clarify the significant influence of mobile phone in general and specifically on youth, its positive and negative aspects in terms of social life, safety, health and studying alongside with real evidences obtained from recent research. The idea of communicating using mobile phone was first introduced in 1947 by Bell Laboratories (Merlin Thanga Joy, 2010), and it was initially made to accompany businessman and not to support personal life (Campbell, 2005). However, according to (Aoki and Downes, 2003), mobile phone has gradually become an essential part of young generation’s daily life. The first section will draw readers’ attentions to the popularity of mobile phone among young people. The following…show more content…
The data from UK was also supported by the report from Federal Reserve Board (2013) that the rate of mobile phone is high and concentrated in the 18-44 years old group (90%). Therefore, mobile phone is proved to be popular among young people nowadays. BENEFITS FROM MOBILE PHONE According to Campbell (2005), having a mobile phone gives young people a better social life because it enhances the ability to communicate and save energy and time for people . Furthermore, a British study indicated that nowadays, mobile phone does not just basically equipped people with calling and texting tools but it alternatively plays a part of managing images and music (Haddon, 2008). It also provides safety advantages such as to call or receive urgent calls from parents (Campbell, 2005). It was also believed to motivate and support in young people’s academic life by providing modern learning tools (Beniwal and Sharma, 2013). Chen and Katz (2008) indicated that mobile phone enabled adolescent to share their feelings, receive emotional support from family and ask for help. THE FLIP SIDE OF MOBILE PHONE Alongside there are also negative impacts of mobile phone on young people’s life. Mobile phone was reported to create a new problem

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