The Impending Of The Wireless Telecommunications Of Verizon Wireless

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In this case study analysis, the impending exploration is in regards to the wireless conglomerate of Verizon Wireless. Verizon is one of the most admired companies in the world due to its heightened participation into the realms of corporate social responsibility. Verizon has successfully emerged its company into sectors of education, public safety, health, and to other global issues that affect society as a whole. Through the company’s social responsibility efforts, there has been a variance in the availability of resources that are now open to the shareholders of the company and the general public. Verizon exemplifies an image of what corporate social responsibility can be while still maintaining profitability in revenues for
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When deciding what will benefit society, we evaluate if our actions are ethical or unethical. If the action is ethical, we would be considered socially responsible. Likewise, if the action is deemed unethical, then we would be considered socially irresponsible. A company that is focused on good ethics would be a company with strong social responsibility.
In a business, a code of ethics and ethical behavior guide the employees, management, and figureheads of the company in its everyday culture. This can be related to the social responsibility ideology in a variety of ways. Corporate social responsibility, according to the text, is a business’s duty to “pursue policies, make decisions, and take actions that benefit society” (Cengage Learning, 2015). This connects to ethics in that both strive to do what is “right”. It is sometimes difficult to determine what is “right” for the company, however, the overall advancement of society can in return affect the long term survival and general environment of a company, including Verizon.

2. Which model of social responsibility does Verizon follow? Explain your response.

It seems most logical to concur that Verizon follows the stakeholder’s model of social responsibility. According to the stakeholder model of social responsibility, a stakeholder is one who has an authentic interest in the company. A stakeholder
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