The Imperalistic Monster

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The roots of imperialism have emerged from the ground since the beginning of time. Imperialism is the expansion of a country's power and influence through diplomacy and military force. Imperialist nations of the recent past used brute force to conquer and enforce their control over other parts of the world. For example, when one looks at Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. One can see that the brutal force of Napoleon Bonaparte’s military extended French dominance over much of Western Europe during this time. Historians have estimated that the Napoleonic Wars managed to have a death toll of 6.5 million people. Today you do not need military force to expand your power. One can achieve the same objective without violence to suppress a country. Although military forces are still needed to show that a country has backbone, the use of political threats, political pressure, and economic power can and will get the job done. When one thinks of imperialism one country should come in mind: the United States. This country is quick to destroy any opposing force to ensure their hegemony over hapless countries. The country has appointed itself the global leader; the United States is the modern day imperialistic power. The United States has the strongest and most advanced military in the world. If that was not enough, Obama renewed the United States commitment to the NATO Alliance, which now gives the U.S. access to powerful allies. According to, The United States

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