The Imperative Compromise For Security

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The Imperative Compromise for Security
If people ask a teenager “what is the best description for the reason that you do something that your parents would disapprove of ”, and the service will inform you that 89% of teenagers answered with “I’m just pursuing my freedom and my ability to do what I want to do”( There are many of times when kids and teenagers tend to challenge their parents or any other people who expect to limit or supervise them because their obstinate desire of freedom, and their uncomfortableness of being inspected. The argument between the supervision of parents to children is always a vivid metaphor to the supervision of government to citizens. The government monitors its citizens as a mother monitors
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People generally have a lack of awareness about their privacy, and it puts them in dangerous situations when their personal information is not protected by a third party. Kim Kardashian, a reality television female celebrity who has almost 50 million followers on twitter, has been robbed during the Paris Fashion Show at her apartment in Paris. According to the police, the robbers gather her information from her social media to locate her because Kim Kardashian posts almost everything about her luxury life online ( The purpose of Kardashian is to share her life moments with her fans. However, what she does not know is that her followers do not only include her fans, but also the potential criminals who intend to utilize her personal life to attack her. People gibe at Kardashian because they believe that she gets what she deserves due to her habit of showing off, nonetheless, lots of people do similar things with Kim Kardashian every day. When people post their daily life online, they are exposing their privacy. The enormous internet world will out of control if the social media platform is unable to monitor people’s online activities, which happened in Kardashian’s case that privacy makes her become a target because her lack of awareness about the potential dangers. Beside the fact that people tend to release their information unconsciously on social media; privacy is also accessible to the criminals because it is not difficult for them to trick and deceive people’s privacy in various ways. As an identity thief, Aguilar has been taken the security shortage of the use of QR code to commit their crime, and what they have done just scan the QR code to purchase items in your name ( According to the interview of some of the victims, they cannot even imagine that their
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