The, Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus

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Ave, Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus,
I will make this report concise as to not waste your time since I know you are a busy man and have an empire to run. I have separated the report of the outline for your amphitheatre into five parts. The five parts consist of the following: 1) Location 2) Size 3) Accessibility 4) Arena structure and features 5) Funding
I. I propose that we construct the amphitheatre to the right of Saepta Julia in the Campus Martius. The amphitheatre will be built in between the Isis Campensis and the Via Flaminia. Such a location has been chosen after much consideration because of the extensive amount of open space available to build the amphitheatre as well as its close proximity to the heart of Rome. Moreover, the location is beneficial in the sense that it would be constructed nearby the Saepta Julia. Since the creation of the Saepta Julia was planned by your adopted father, Julius Caesar, and dedicated to his daughter to honour you after it was finished, if your amphitheatre were to be built close to it, the area surrounding both structures will become like a district, the Julio-Claudian district.

II. To ensure that your amphitheatre is exemplary of Rome’s excellence and worthy of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, I propose that the total area of the amphitheatre and accompanying structures cover approximately 17,579 square metres. Evidently, a building of such size would not be possible if there was not enough room to build it on; however,…
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