The Imperial Beverage Company As My Company Of Choice

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Introduction I chose Imperial Beverage Company as my company of choice. I have always been interested in the distribution of alcohol. Imperial was established in 1933, a family owned business out of Kalamazoo Michigan. Imperial supplies fine wines, craft beers, sodas and mixers to Michigan restaurants and retailers. I have always been curious how the distribution companies work. My mother owns a restaurant and we have had a long relationship with Imperial and other distribution companies. I would like to learn more about some of the rules and regulations are with companies like Imperial. Some of the questions I have always wondered were, how many imports you can have, how liable is Imperial for accidents, what fees have to be paid and…show more content…
“Sale” as defined when having a liquor license is not only an exchange of money and goods, it also includes the exchange, barter or traffic, or giving away of alcoholic beverages. The sale is considered complete when the exchange of possession of the alcoholic beverages takes place. (pg. 6)
At any given point an inspection can be done. Investigators, state or local law enforcement officials may inspect any business that is licensed that sells alcoholic beverages to determine if that business complies with Michigan liquor laws and rules. Inspections may be made during normal business hours, or at any given time when the business is occupied. At no point can you deny or obstruct the investigation. Citations can be given. (State License Search)
When it comes to having a liquor license there are multiple classes that you can fall under. Some examples, Class C; allows the business to sell, beer, wine, and mixed spirit drinks. Tavern; allows a business to sell only beer and wine for consumption. Class G-2; allows a facility that has an 18-hole golf course of at least 5,000 yards to sell beer and wine. There are 18 different licenses. For distributors there are specially designated distributor license. They have to be approved by MLCC, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. There are certain procedures and time frames when
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