The Imperial Presidency By Arthur Schlesinger Jr. S. President Essay

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Throughout history, the term “Imperial Presidency” has been used in the 1960s to portray the United States presidents and their utilities. “Imperial Presidency” is grounded on many citations, observations that are devised by many historians. A numerous number of presidents follow the footsteps of presidents before them, in order to live in the shadow, they leave behind. Residing by the thought of, given that the president achieved his successes during his office, they try to repeat the same idea in order for the same successful outcome. However, there is a high chance for bad outcomes to occur, making it discreditable for the president in the current office. Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr’s use of “imperial” president is aimed to convey a president with noble personality with his constant accumulation of power in his presidency. The executive power given to the president, sanctions him to be totalitarian and may create a war-like decision that affects the country as a whole. The government holds a crucial status to its citizens, executive branch specifically, is overlooked to symbolize leadership. Nowadays, the president’s office is believed to exemplify the values of the American people. There are certain powers allocated to the president by the United States Constitution, however; the responsibility and vacancy of the President tend to evolve from one president to the next. Characteristics of presidents and their effect on political decisions has beneficial aspects
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