The Imperial Republic

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The Imperial Republic
Why did the U.S. Pursue Imperialism The US begun to close the frontier which increased fears that the resources the country had were dwindling. This fear of dwindling resources would push the US to find resources abroad. The US had also had a taste of power when it subjugated the Indian tribes and had grown used to exerting colonial control over dependent people. The 1893 depression drove businessmen to look overseas for new markets. There was also a surge in efficiency that created many new products that needed to be sold in these new overseas markets. The idea of Social Darwinism again played a role in the US pursue of imperialism, the idea was that the weaker races of the world needed to be controlled. The
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X. Seizing the Philippines
Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt wanted to strengthen the Pacific fleet so he ordered George Dewey to attack the Spanish forces in the Spanish colony, the Philippines. The war that had started as a way of freeing Cuba had turned into a war to take away all of Spain’s colonies.
XI. Battle of San Juan Hill
Santiago Harbor was a deep water harbor that gave the Spanish control of Santiago City and of the harbor. This meant that the Spanish would not give up the hill. Theodore Roosevelt orders the assault of Kettle Hill which he took lead in the battle and took the hill quickly. He leads the charge to take San Juan Hill, he was proud and too bold but he won the hill.

XII. Battle of Santiago Harbor
The US Crushes the Spanish Atlantic fleet in contrast to when the US crushed the Spanish in the Pacific at Manila Bay. The last major battle of the Spanish War in 1898 in August when the US and Cuban rebels take Cuba.
XIII. Treaty of Paris of 1898
Ended the Spanish American War.
XIV. Puerto Rico and the United States
Annexing Puerto Rico produced very little controversy the island was controlled by the US until 1900.
XV. The Open Door Policy
The US occupying the Philippine strengthen the US interest in Asian trade. In 1898 President McKinley didn’t want to go to war with anyone as China was being carved up by Europeans so he said there was an
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