The Implementation Gap Between Theory And Practice Of Heritage Planning

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Overview of Topic:

Sustainability is somewhat of a contentious issue within heritage planning. It is widely used, but not always well understood. This essay proposal uses this term to mean balancing the needs of current society with the preservation of current resources to improve cultural vitality, social equality, environmental responsibility and economic vitality (Letourneau, 2016). Each of these pillars contains several aspects, such as innovation and ecological balance, which contribute to the overall success of a community. Heritage must be protected in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, which engages the community and transfers to policy, practice and implementation.

Research Question:

How has the implementation gap between theory and practice of heritage planning contribute to the goal of sustainability?

Overview of Research Design:

The research will follow the structure of four organisational sections: a review of relevant literature, an overview of applicable government policies, a case study and an analysis of theoretical and historical approaches. Theory and historical approaches will be explored through a review of relevant literature to identify how heritage planning has contributed to sustainability goals. The review combined with an overview of applicable policy and a related case study will compose the basis of the paper.

This research is significant due to the differing approaches of theory and practice. Theoretical approaches often through

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