The Implementation Of Accounting Information Systems

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With the implementation of accounting information systems, accounting and corporate accounting management environment has undergone great changes, internal control mechanisms and instruments manual accounting system was not available for the network environment, the establishment of information systems and accounting internal control system adapted to become enterprises need to solve the problems. In the 1990s, with the development of global economic integration and information technology. Internet, data transmission communication technology, large-scale database technology and information collection and sorting of e-commerce has been widely used, people entered the Knowledge Economy Age from industrial economy. 1. The development of modern accounting information systems. In order to adapt the business diversification and multination integration of business operations. Accounting information systems basis on MRP (Monthly Progress Reporting) Ⅱ system generated on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which provides for management of innovative applications. ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system achieve the pre-planned and risk control, with dynamic control, real-time analysis of various enterprise resources integration and optimization capabilities. ERP system mainly include: master production schedule, plan of material requirements, plan of capacity planning, procurement, sales execution plan, profit plan, financial budget and human resources programs. 2.
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