The Implementation Of Green Roofs

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I have attached my report of my research into the implementation of green roofs in the City of Chicago. I have completed the tasks set forth in my proposal of September 23rd, 2015. Those goals were as follows: to determine both the fiscal and environmental ramifications of select green roof implementation. I first focused mainly on secondary resources to truly become an expert in the area and formulate a series of questions to ask willing study participants. I first focused on contacting local businesses in different areas of Chicago, and then asked other citizens of the city about their opinions on being environmentally sustainable.
Based on the information gathered, it seems that citizens are apprehensive for financial reasons, not
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By taking advantage of resources in the surrounding environment without using them all. As a result, a city can utilize these renewable resources to their advantage to benefit their inhabitant’s health while potentially saving them money.
As a country, we spend so much money and exhaust so many fossil fuels keeping our houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The US Energy Information Administration’s 2013 International Energy Outlook projects that worldwide energy consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040, from 524 quadrillion BTUs to 820 quadrillion BTUs. More than 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions in many developed nations is heating or cooling buildings.
One way I identified early as a way to become sustainable was the implementation of green roofs. A green roof is a layer of soil and plants above a waterproof coating on the roof of a flat top building. This improve the thermal performance of a roof by shading and insulating the roof from the sun.
Despite many reasons to implement these changes, I notices a pattern amongst interviewees. Typically, becoming sustainable has costs associated upfront, but saves money in the long term. However, it seemed that people could not, or simply did not want to pay the money to convert their roof.
Additional research included a cost analysis based on multiple local businesses who I was fortunate enough to look over their property and perform a break
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