The Implementation Of Knowledge Management

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Comparative review:
Knowledge management is one of the key enabling technologies of distributed engineering enterprises. It including a wide range of organisational management and technologically oriented approaches that expand the utilization of an organisations ideational assets. Knowledge management approaches may be split into personalization approaches that confirm communication, human recourse and codification approaches that confirm the gathering and organisation of knowledge. This singularity is used to discuss the implementation of knowledge management in engineering design, after first outlining the engineering circumstances that have led to the stream confirmed on the application in software design. The function of information
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1- Research year and type of the recourse.
2- Software used in engineering design.
3- Work-team activities in organisation.
4- Sources used to collect the information and database.
1- Research year and type of the recourse: according to publish year for Chris McMahon 2007 the research based on people experience and analysis in engineering design by involving the knowledge management in and human resources and communities also based on study from the previous project for collection in data and problem faced regard to the research and industry application and the publish linked between two generations how the engineers were design using sample of technology and how they design using the second generation (Software programming technology) to bring the pieces together in any engineering design infrastructure he also description task of sharing knowledge in flow chart diagram , according to publish year for Cheng-Ter Ho a 2004 the research focus on enterprise systems software modules to help company to manage information collaboration in resource between system and business processes and involving of management engineering & information technologies also to reuse of knowledge and experience in distributed development environment. It is also depend on methodise strategies using in knowledge management in target business and analysis modelling involving in knowledge
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