The Implementation Of New Policies

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The implementation of new policies always presents challenges for HR managers, especially in the field of equality and diversity. According to Kumra and Manfredi (2012, p.5) equality means “that everyone should be treated equally.” In a workplace application it is closely tied to the concept of workforce diversity. For many organisations this presents a challenging task to provide diversity models that consider the entire workforce, which is often viewed as a universal group instead of one with cultural and demographic differences that affect each employee in a different manner (Martin Alcazar, Romero Fernandez and Sanchez Gardey, 2013, p.39). In order to successfully implement policies that foster equality and diversity in the workplace a complete transformation of all HR strategies is necessary (Martin Alcazar et al, 2013, p.43). This transformation is necessary because organisations will benefit from having people that feel accepted in their workplace as it overall increases the employees’ motivation and effectiveness. It also enhances the organisation’s competitive advantage by the creation of diverse teams with diverse skills and perspectives (Kirton and Greene, 2010, p.226). This essay will explore the challenges that HR managers face when introducing and implementing policies that support the LGBT community. It will specifically focus on the context of the United States, and provide examples of what the American Multinational Microsoft does to address these
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