The Implementation Of Pbl Throughout California

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The implementation of PBL throughout California is the course of action that the education system has embraced. PBL provides significance and availability to student learning which results in longer term retention of the subject matter. Students are actively engaged in their own education. PBL also provides an avenue in which the students have a voice and a choice to outperform their classmates on high stakes test. Often times this results in higher attendance and the students become more motivated. In addition, leadership skills also develop out of PBL. (Richards, 2016) Tulare County’s solution is taking on many different looks. The Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE) is supporting PBL by creating student events that have their…show more content…
Each of these activities utilize the PBL model. N. Avila, ProYouth Site Director explains, “Each project brings out a different take. Not only are our kids learning new things but it keeps them busy. Students love to learn and these projects are preparing them for their future learning.” (Avila, 2016) To further help the veteran teachers and the new teachers coming in, professional development will require an ongoing commitment from all levels of the school organization. There will need to be resources available to help guide the teachers’ professional development. The adoption of professional learning communities (PLC’s) within the school and district supporting them is paramount. The continued development will help the teachers implement PBL (Rosenblatt, 2012) The professional development also needs to expand. Utilizing the online classroom/communities is one way teachers can get the necessary tools to help their students engage in PBL. These types support will give educators the ability to gain knowledge and support from their peers. It is also an opportunity for them to share best practices. This environment the teachers are learning provides a model for their students whereby the students witness their teacher being engaged and collaborating with their peers, which shows the pupil that their teachers are engaged in their world. ("eduviews: Teaching in the 21st Century," n.d.) The development of a PLC encompasses these three main ideas:
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