The Implementation Of Refurbishing Buildings

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The process of refurbishing buildings can be a lengthy and complex procedure. The outline of tasks and stages that have to be completed during project and when the building will be in use is presented below. This is a simple diagram of RIBA Plan of Work 2013 – bespoke planning tool used in the industry – full version is available in the Appendix 1. (RIBA, 2013a. p.16)
Before we proceed with refurbishment planning I will have to carry out necessary surveys. Measurement – to assess the size of the building which will help in evaluating quantities; structural – to get an idea of needed demolition, services that are in place and the possibility of providing new ones and asbestos survey – which is necessary precaution to address hazards in the building.
In this report I am going to analyse the procurement routes that would be suitable for your project. I will outline tendering process and present the standard forms of contracts available. At the end, I will advise on the best fit solution – but the final decision on how we will proceed with this project is entirely yours.
‘The procurement strategy identifies the best way of achieving the completion of a construction project – taking into account the best value for money over the entire life cycle of the building or facility’ (RICS, 2013. p. 21). There are three routes of procurement that could be adapted for your project:
 Traditional Procurement
 Design – Build Procurement
 Management Procurement
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