The Implementation Of Salad Bars

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The Implementation of Salad Bars in Schools In recent years, the issue of childhood obesity has gained major attention in the United States. The percentage of obesity has risen tremendously within the last decade. In a recent news article, “American Obesity Rates Are on the Rise,” Maggie Fox states about 28 percent of the people in America admits that they are obese (Fox). The United States has become the country with the highest rate of obesity in the world. Besides adults who are obese, obesity is also a common issue to children and teenagers. Childhood is an important period when parents help their child avoid being obese. Eating habits during childhood can have an impact on a person as they age. Children in the U.S who are obese will most likely develop a higher risk of having medical issues. According to the website,, obesity in children could cause a wide range of health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, high glucose levels, and more (“Health Problems and Childhood Obesity”). Also, children who are obese at a young age, are likely to remain obese in adulthood. The establishment of the bill, H.R. 2627 Salad Bars in Schools Expansion Act could reduce the percentage of obese children by providing salad bars during lunch times. This exposure to healthy eating habits can help children to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to avoid future health issues. In the bill H.R. 2627 Salad Bars in Schools Expansion Act,
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