The Implementation Of School Uniforms

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Syanne Chhan Mrs. Gallos English III Honors 18 April 2016 Title of Your Report A newly popular, controversial issue debated upon is the implementation of school uniforms. In the United States, school uniforms have become more and more widespread. Although, some schools disagree with the requirement of a school uniform and decide to require a school dress code instead. The pros and cons of a school uniform are very controversial. Deciding whether a school uniform should be implemented is not a black and white issue. Arguments to support school uniforms state that school uniforms create an altogether better environment for students. This better environment in turn, creates more learning and a greater sense of focus from students. Some…show more content…
(Cons, Pro) Requiring all students to wear the same uniform creates less diversity and causes students to become more dedicated in their academics. By doing so, uniforms, “take away the daily fashion show and helps level the playing field a little bit with the haves and have-nots,” (Sweeney, Emily). Relating to the less diversity that uniforms create in schools, uniforms can decrease the formation of cliques and gangs. Due to the fact that all students are dressed the same, members of a certain gang can not be identified. Another positive about implementing uniforms is that students can be easily identified and the identification of an intruder or outsider can take place easily. Uniforms create pride and unity throughout a school. Some experts believe that uniforms help students to, “develop a stronger team mentality among the student body,” (9 Serious). Uniforms can in turn, increase school spirit. This is possible, again relating to, the students all wearing the same or similar uniforms and decreasing the variety of outfits throughout a student body. Some arguments that are seen as positives for enforcing school uniforms are controversial because critics believe the arguments are not valid. Due to the fact that all students are dressed the same and less variety of outfits are prevalent, critics state that school uniforms deny students the ability of self-expression. Critics, “argue that kids
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