The Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act

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Millions of Americans use the services of health care officials on a daily basis. To aid in the increasingly high financial costs of these services, many people rely on the government, insurance companies, and other parties through managed care organizations (MCOs) (Potter & Perry, 2017, p. 15). A MCO “provides comprehensive preventive and treatment services to a specific group of voluntarily enrolled people” (Potter & Perry, 2017, p. 16). With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the government faces ongoing struggles to use valuable resources within the health care system to continually maintain problematic MCOs. Therefore, the administration of health care services has been greatly impacted by the ACA, bringing about…show more content…
1506). Education of available health care services can lead to safer communities through awareness of completely covered hospital care when needed, as well as through vaccinations, screenings, prescriptions, and other beneficial covered entities (Potter and Perry, 2017, p. 31). The government and health care organizations will only reap the benefits of people’s new awareness if these people are properly enrolled within programs prior to the arrival of desired services. Those that are educated and familiar with MCOs are becoming concerned with the limited amount of options that they have when choosing a health care provider. Many discrepancies have arisen since the implementation of the ACA which has led MCOs to decrease the number of providers within a health care network. The ACA has increased accessibility to health care for Americans at the cost of leaving those who need care with dwindling options when choosing a physician (Still & Latawiec, 2015, p. 6). As networks continue to narrow, policy makers begin to call into question the adequacy of the networks. Network adequacy is defined as “a health plan’s
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