The Implementation Of The Apple Company

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The Apple Company satisfies most of its employees using its comprehensive compensation plan that includes all workers irrespective of their positions. To start with, it is among the most profitable companies in the world and it focuses on the manufacturing and designing of software and electronics. Additionally, its most popular hardware devices are iPod, Mac Book, iMac, and iPhone, which make significant contributions to the company’s profits. The software devices that it manufactures are iTunes, audio tools, Mac Os X operating system, Final cut studio, and the logic studio. The combination of the software and hardware results in some of the most valuable and efficient electronic devices that serve multiple functions, increase the demand for the products, and answers the question of why it owns more than 250 retail shops in 10 countries. To remain the leading business in the production of electronic devices, the Apple Company invests billions of dollars in compensating employees since they play a vital role in stimulating the company’s growth. Besides, it provides bonuses and benefits aimed at making their lives comfortable when working at the company, after termination, and retirement. The compensation plan also covers health issues that standout when compared to health covers in companies such as Google. Evaluating the compensation plans against employee and consumer satisfaction is crucial when measuring the plan’s usefulness.
Evaluating Compensation Plans Undoubtedly,

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