The Implementation Of The Compliance Plan

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Introduction. Here at O’Kelly Medical Practice it is our goal to maintain an effective compliance plan that is in accordance with the compliance program guidance that is set by the Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of this compliance plan is to avoid and identify any violations of both law and company policy ( Compliance Plan Objectives. The basic objectives to this compliance plan are as follows. The first is to prevent any fraud and abuse. This is accomplished through a formal process to discover, inspect, fix, as well as prevent violations that affect any reimbursement for healthcare services rendered. The next objective is to make sure that our compliance is in accordance with all applicable laws including federal, state, and local. We will also help to defend this practice during any investigation or prosecution for fraud by validating compliant behavior, therefore reducing fines or prosecution (Valerius). Standards of Conduct. O’Kelly Medical Practice has implemented many standards of conduct in order to prevent fraud and abuse by providing guidelines needed in order to work in areas at risk of these violations. These standards of conduct apply equally to all employees, and it is the employee’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with these standards in order to apply them to their day to day work. Acceptance of these standards is a mandatory part of employment. These standards include
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