The Implementation Of The Latest Technology Essay

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The implementation of the latest technology is important for enhancing the amount of information a student can embrace in a class. Currently, high schools have very strict rules against the use of cell phones and other electronic devices that have the ability to enforce key ideas in a curriculum. Education is the first step in the life of kids to becoming an effective member of society and these kids should be able to use every resource available to them in class to get the most out of this crucial step of life. The way a child is taught from kindergarten to twelfth grade can have a major impact on who they are as a person. Currently, I am in the category of kindergarten through twelfth grade, so as a current high school student, this is an issue that is clear in every classroom no matter the subject. This generation of children has grown up using their smartphones or computers to access google if they ever have a question in the mind. But during class, many students have questions that the teacher does not answer and cannot use their phones to look up the solution.
“During my first period English class in high school, my teacher uses an application called Padlet to connect everyone 's ideas into one central location for class discussion. The way this application works is that each kid can go to the application on their phone and attaches a sticky note to an online board and post questions and ideas from a passage that had been read. Once everyone has submitted their
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