The Implementation Plan For A New Outlook From Local Business Owners

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The implementation plan indicates modifications made from the original plan, to add local business owners. This modification will give a new outlook from local business owners and benefit the community. For example, the local business owners can anticipate damages from disaster and offer insight on the impacts during pre-disaster planning.
The implementation plan will support the community plan by; historical management, prioritizing, and community support. By looking at Arkansas history of disaster, strategies can be developed to decrease the impacts. In the past Arkansas, the federal government has paid out disaster aid of over one billion and 120 million dollars. By prioritizing tasks by the most important to the least important, Little Rock can better plan to cover a total of 152,000 buildings.
By implementing these factors will increase community satisfaction and promote community development; which will increase volunteers and community support.
Implementing these strategies and procedures will increase our communities chance for survival and decrease the impacts of disasters. We need this modification in our mitigation process within three months, since this will reduce potential lose and increase community satisfaction.
Community Profile
I live in West Little Rock, Arkansas. My community is between the Rock Creek and Summit Ridge area. My community has hospitals, office buildings, and apartments. It also has schools, churches, and residential area with

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