Essay about The Implementation of City Development Plan in Turkey

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The human component, in increasing and provisioning productivity of constituting groups and structures, was understood at least as important as physical factors after 1929 the world economic crisis. After the economic crisis, understood that the human factor, in other words, the ideas of internal and external customers are also important that their preferences should be taken into consideration. Just giving importance to people is not enough for sustainable growth and productivity, from the 1950s quests are directed towards planning, strategy and providing competitive advantage. In this context of the planning functions as the long-term planning functions, planning, corporate planning, strategic planning and strategic
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Therefore, a well-attended city development plans should be created with institutionalization and solidarity efforts. City development plans and strategies, the center responsive to local needs and dynamics and triggering local initiatives as a level are required to rapid and balanced development.
With the help of City Development Plan ; all institutions and organizations in the city shall give direction to the short, medium and long term development, general trends may be identified and future projections can be coordinated. Superior areas in the city may be determined, specializing in existing and prospective sector in the development will be provided. Thus, the city development strategies will fulfill a function that feeds, mobilizing local resources and potential, raises our socio-economic level at underdeveloped regions, providing rural development and the realization of national plans and programs. It will contribute to the strengthening of local government (authorities). It will strengthen the local economy and locality awareness of economic, social, cultural initiatives that can be routed and will be supported. Thus, plans and preferences made with society's demands, requirements, and capabilities, should be sufficiently taken into account. Local planning efforts is replicated at the local level will trigger an embodiment of total planned in local institutions and local governments.

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