The Implementation of Office Automation System: Positive and Negative Impacts

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Model Analysis Essay Introduction With factory and farm work revolutionizing the world economy, Office Automation Systems have influenced the white-collar job and changed the society. We have seen both positive and negative impacts attributed to the new system. Therefore, it is incumbent on people to guide and understand the change process to effect positive impacts. Office Automation Systems has unquestionably had impacts on all office employees (Daft & Marcic, 2009). Currently, clerical jobs have been directly, and strongly affected by the implementation of this system. This stems from the increasing use of spreadsheets and word processing software. Communication and financial planning are being achieved through computer systems; this has affected managerial and professional jobs. When the organization and the industry become more reliant on information systems as the principle component of services and products, all jobs are subjected to labor saving impact of Office Automation Systems. The pressure to increase productivity forces the organization to automate its services (Freeman & Thurber, 2010). Positive impacts The goal of the organization is productivity. The pressure to maximize individual, unit and organizational productiveness is present within the organization. Managers at the company look at Office Automation Systems as a way of achieving a competitive advantage. The company has hired technological consultants to determine to design the most appropriate

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